Innovation of newly established Phase II SMEs

The Phase II SMEs Innovation Competition is designed for innovative companies up to 36 months of age (3 years).

The Phase II SMEs Innovation Competition is designed for innovative companies up to 36 months of age (3 years). The emphasis of the competition is on 2 elements: adapting the developed product to market requirements and preparing the launch of the service product.

Key Project d.o.o. for projects where they find that they have enough points to receive a grant, offers a free application to the tender, subject to the involvement of us to manage the project (paid from the grant). The co-financed grant is 85% for the applicant. The contest opens on 15.02.2019. at 11:00.

EU R & D

Support from HRK 150,000.00 to HRK 1,400,000.00.


References Key project d.o.o. (related to IRI competitions)

Tenders for EU funds and over 100 business plans and investment studies have been successfully implemented. We are currently running grants in excess of HRK 80 million and are in the process of being approved for grants in excess of HRK 50 million.

From the Key Project R&D Project d.o.o. is currently managing projects in excess of HRK 20m, and has collaborated with numerous scientific and research institutions, of which we highlight the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb, the Faculty of Medicine in Split, etc.


Eligible Cost Categories:

Adaptation of developed product / service to market requirements [1]

Adaptation of the developed and demonstrated in the operational environment of the product / service to the requirements of the market, including testing and incorporation of test results in the final product / service and optimization
Transfer of marketable technological solutions, know-how (transfer of know-how), including related consulting services and training of employees
Feasibility Study revision
Product design for product customization
Protection and management of intellectual property in question, including applications for the recognition of rights and the implementation of procedures for the recognition of intellectual property rights and the development of a strategic plan for the protection and management of intellectual property
Preparation of product / service launch (mandatory element):

Developing a marketing plan and revising a business and marketing plan
Market research and testing for innovation
Verification of market analysis and / or market need
Testing products with potential customers
Production preparation and trial production investment, zero series
Operational marketing activities directly related to the commercialization of research results and the launch of a product / service on the market
Prepare for the next investment cycle and attract additional funding
Staff salaries are no more than 50% of the total project value

[1] Required: Proof of demonstrated market interest.

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund

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