About Us

Key project ltd is specialized in managing the entire project documentation for EU funds, and in addition prepares business plans and investment studies. We provide services throughout the Republic of Croatia. The director of the company is Ph.D. Mate Krišto, who has years of experience in finance and accounting, and a team of employees, is specialized in financial, legal and public procurement consultancy in the application process and implementation of projects related to EU funds. In other words, you can leave all the details when preparing the documentation to the smallest details, and everything will be clearly presented to you through gantt charts. The companies with which we have a signed cooperation agreement are at our disposal for all legal, accounting, auditing and financial advice as well as advice on conducting post-project activities of the company.

The mission of the company is to set new criteria for consulting firms in terms of achieving cost optimization for end users (companies that want to use EU funds). This mission seeks to achieve through the sharing of risk between you and us in such a way that most of the cost of producing (up to 60%) of documentation is paid only upon approval of the project.

The vision of the company is to become a leading company in this consulting business by the end of 2018. This vision is sought through recruiting the best employees, elaborate marketing activities and making long terms business partnership.

In helping you achieve your business and / or social goals through documentation preparation, you often have many side goals, such as: analysis of your business to date, evaluation of development opportunities, risk analysis of businesses (political, financial, market, technological, legal, developmental and other risks), option analysis (option not to invest in project, option to invest in another project, etc.), analysis of company personnel, development of SWOT analysis, formulation of marketing strategy and many others.

What sets us apart from the competition:

  • High professionalism of the project team consisting of (Doctor of Economics, Bachelor of Laws, Mechanical Engineers and many companies with which we work closely, such as certified auditors, marketing companies, tax advisers).
  • A partnership approach aimed at long-term cooperation (practice shows that many companies do not use only one fund at a time to achieve their goals and implement projects).
  • A pricing model by which risk is shared between you and us.
  • Segmented approach (only certain parts of the overall project management can be contracted, such as investment study design).

Company Information:

  • Personal identification number: 24080133210
  • Tax number: HR24080133210
  • MBS: 081057460 at the Commercial Court in Zagreb
  • Activity: Business and other management consultancy activities
  • Address: Ilica 246a, 10000 Zagreb (Croatia)
  • IBAN: HR6023400091110818220 Privredna banka Zagreb, SWIFT: PBZGHR2X
  • Member of the Management Board:  PhD Mate Kristo
  • Share capital: HRK 20,000.00
  • Email: info@kproject.eu
  • Website: www.kproject.eu
  • Phone: +385 95 814 3023

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund

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