Feasibility study business plan

Development of feasibility study business plan
Production of investment studies and business plans is our specialty. Submitting applications for EU funding often requires the creation of investment studies and all loans above HRK 700,000 require the creation of an investment study. Business plans are required as part of the documentation when granting loans up to HRK 700,000, guarantees or guarantees from commercial banks, HBOR, HAMAG-BICRO and the like.

These studies help the company itself to define its long-term plans, goals, vision, mission and position in the market. Key Project has developed a system of data verification (checkpoints) that guarantees the accuracy of the information in the documentation. However, the mathematical accounting part is only one part of the study design, since great importance must be paid to market and competition analysis, the analysis of the entrepreneur and the management structure of the entrepreneur, and the analysis of the letter of intent or cooperation agreement that the entrepreneur possesses.

Business plan
Business plans today are required to obtain the favorable loans offered by HAMAG-BICRO or HBOR. Also, all commercial banks require a business plan to be approved for larger loans.

Feasibility study with cost-benefit analysis
The basic methodological starting points of the analysis are based on the principles and tools common to EU funding - the Logical Framework Approach (LFA), Result Based Management (RBM), and internationally recognized standards and tools for developing feasibility studies that are tailored to the current phase of the project, its scope and the information available.

Financial and economic analysis and risk analysis have been prepared in accordance with the European Guidelines for the Evaluation of Investment Projects, EC Guide to Cost-Benefit Analysis of Investment Projects, Economic Appraisal Cohesion Policy Tool 2014 - 2020, December 20141.

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