Aid for agricultural development

The Rural Development Program of the Republic of Croatia for the period 2014-2020 has enacted a number of measures, within which HRK 2.4 billion is available by 2020. The most popular are Measures 6 - agricultural and business development defining smallholder development (sub-measure 6.1), agricultural and business development (sub-measure 6.3) and two sub-measures related to tourism (Supporting investment in the promotion of non-agricultural activities in rural areas - Sub-measure 6.2 and Investments in the creation and development of non-agricultural activities - Sub-measure 6.4).

Uprava za potpore poljoprivredi i ruralnom razvoju

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Other measures (click for more information):

M1 - Transfer of knowledge and information activities

M2 - Advisory, Agricultural Management and Assistance Services farms

M3 - Quality systems for agricultural products and food

M4 - Investments in physical assets

M5 - Restoration of agricultural production potential disturbed by natural disasters and catastrophic events and the introduction of appropriate preventive activities

M6 - Agricultural and business development

M7 - Basic rural services and rural renewal

M8 - Investments in development of forest areas and improvement of forest sustainability

M9 - Establishment of producer groups and organizations

M10 - Agriculture, environment and climate change

M11 - Organic farming

M13 - Payments to areas with natural handicaps or other special restrictions

M16 - Collaboration

M17 - Risk Management

M18 - Financing of additional national direct payments for Croatia


M20 - Technical assistance

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